The Legacy of Jeremy O. Torres

We are pleased to be accepting applications for the Jeremy O. Torres Emergency Stabilization Fund.  


The Emergency Stabilization Fund is named in Jeremy O. Torres’s honor because he is part of the fabric of BPSF.  He was with BPSF from our initial steps, directed all of our Drag Out Funny fundraisers held at Texas Music Theater, coordinated and involved community members in the Reading of “8” in conjunction with a BPSF donor social, and as our Student Social Coordinator arranged for BPSF to attend Rent and speak with the actors.  He was always involved in the San Marcos LGBTQIA+ community, inclusive of San Marcos community members.  He was 100% behind the establishment of the Emergency Stabilization Fund (ESF) in 2013 and informed students of the support available when disbursements began in 2014.  When he passed in 2016 the leadership felt strongly that ESF embodied the love and support Jeremy always offered others.  In communication with his mother, Shirley Abernethy, it was agreed we would rename the fund in his honor and his family chose BPSF as a memorial contribution to carry his legacy.  

"As a family, we are so proud of the Jeremy O Torres Emergency Stabilization Fund. Jeremy faced many struggles in his life as a gay man, so it was critical to him to help others when they needed it most. Knowing this fund named in his honor continues to offer support and hope for those who need it means so much to us. We are proud of his legacy and are grateful for all the work you do for the LQBTQIA+ community." ~ Jeremy's family, Shirley Abernethy and Patrick Torres