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BPSF is accepting online Emergency Stabilization applications!

BPSF's Jeremy O Torres Emergency Stabilization Fund (JOTESF) application is available 24/7! Use our online application.  BPSF was created to support our local LGBTQIA+ emerging adults, and the Jeremy O. Torres Emergency Stabilization Fund is here for you  when you're facing an unexpected crisis.

BPSF serves LGBTQIA+ emerging adults (between the ages of 18 and 25) residing in the Greater San Marcos area, including Hays County.  We recognize everyone has their unique path and we are here as a source of support during unforeseen difficult times.  We can support Texas State and ACC students residing in our service area.

In the past two years, the JOTESF has supported over 125 LGBTQIA+ individuals at a time of unexpected need.  Circumstances included medical emergencies, natural disasters, immigration requirements, unexpected work reductions, loss of support from family, and roommate situations negatively impacting rent payment.  We are proud to continue this legacy of support.  We invite you to read about the Legacy of Jeremy and his influence on BPSF.