The Victor Saldivar Academic Scholarship (coming Fall 2024)

The Legacy of Victor F. Saldivar

The BPSF Academic Scholarship is named in honor of Victor F. Saldivar because he contributed a unique melding of LGBTQIA+ advocacy and education to BPSF, TXST, and the San Marcos community. As a first generation student and QPOC himself, Victor was invested in seeing queer students succeed during their pursuit of further education. Coming from Eldorado, Texas, he earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration from Baylor University and a Master of Science in College Student Counseling and Personnel Services from Arkansas Tech. He often used his experiences navigating higher education into his mentoring with students as a way to express encouragement in pursuing their educational goals. He served as the BPSF Programming Chair between 2013-2015 while he was a residence director at Texas State University, incorporating his passion for advocacy and education by involving students and community members in events to connect them with BPSF’s sources of support. He always brought his sly humor, smile, and laughter to BPSF. He was a fierce educator and advocate, Res Life superstar, and our friend.

When Victor passed in 2023 the board wanted to honor Victor’s contributions to the LGBTQIA+ community pursuing further education in the San Marcos area by naming the Academic Scholarship in his honor. This decision was supported in communication with his sister Stacie Ramos, on behalf of the family, to carry on Victor’s legacy.  

Victor Saldivar, 1979 - 2023

Details about the application process will be released soon.

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